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Jul 2010
Cocoon suspended ‘neath a branch,
Out of harmer’s range;
Churning in tight quarters then,
Awaiting for the change.

A cast she’d spun with great detail,
To blend into the scene;
Remain innocuous, choosing plain,
To spend such days serene.

This sanctuary has terms of time;
Yet flippant so, of sight;
Blinded by the darkness kept,
May only dream of flight.

There, outside this nurturing crypt,
Lies futures yet untold;
Exploring freedom, airless hours,
As wings will then unfold.

Alterations to her inner form
Complete in all detail;
While oblivious to worlds unknown--
Mem’ries without a trail.

As perforations tear a fold,
In which she will embark,
To crystal, glowing cast of moon
Within this evening, dark;

She wrestles to uncurl her girth
And wingspan so anew;
That seems so awkward, foreign and
Has converted different hue.

Now perched upon her drying bed,
She fans while instincts try
To capture sens’ry explosions
That lay to foundling’s eyes.

Beyond the glen, a spot she sees;
A single glowing blur.
Just then each tree bends toward one side,
As breaths sweep under her.

Weightless, floating, movement new,
She tests her longer arms,
That reach, manipulating wind,
Should quivers strike alarm.

The lure of the eerie glow,
Possess investigation,
As closer toward the light she flies,
Embraced with consternation.

Near collision with the beacon,
She’s halted in mid-air;
Translucent strings of sticky form,
She didn’t see, were there.

She wrestles, tries to free herself,
While a shadow looming near
Smiles with contentment of
His cunning craft of snare.

Slowly he approaches while
She looks to see his eyes,
So vacant of emotive flush,
With fear she starts to cry.

The octo-legged creature then,
Inserts his poisoned quill,
As venom circulates her life,
He waits until she’s still.

Then coils her in silky thread,
While dancing ‘bout his room.
Tho’ this is of his own design,
She returns, inside cocoon.

As thoughts of life, such brevity,
Released of any pain.
She closes youthful eyes at last,
And dreams of flight again.
Fegger, 2009
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