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Feb 2021
how many days until
the end
for my love with you there will be
no end
when I feel sour
I always feel sweet
with thoughts of you
good ones
the bad ones are like a pain
venereal disease
when I think about us
dancing in the kitchen
remember that
lock it up safe
throw away the key
keep me there
my body is yours
when we sleep
I don't want to wake
noses touching
staring into your eyes
these glass mirrors
reflect myself
in a still glaze
relieved of the world
that's how I feel
carelessly numb
regaining your strength
from my own
lost in weakness
you disarm me
today we love
tomorrow's war can wait
dreading the day
waking without you
how much I would have lost
withered fragile
missing my purpose
loving you
a stolen gift
means the same
as giving yourself
take sanctuary
give up the barricade
let me
surrender me
your blackbird
waiting for you
lie next to me
touching hands
looking at the ceiling
this is everything
i've learnt peace
in him
and in myself
tell me enough
i'll believe it
when you ask me
if I love you
I say yes
ask me if I'm happy
know me like I know you
catch me
i'm falling fast
let go
the knife
in your hand
let go
the gun in my own
we hold these
not for ourselves
for each other.
Mary Woods
Written by
Mary Woods
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