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Feb 8
It creeps up and covers my heart
Disconcerting and uncertain feelings purge my mind
Anxieties and insecurities I’d thought I left behind
They’re back now
Sneaky and determined
They cut through any present happiness
Oozing in
Snatching and sticking
Determined to stay
Why can’t they leave?
Why do they always come back?
I feel like I’m stuck in a ******* cycle that keeps wanting to **** with me
Paralyzed with indecision, judgement, and fear
Where did that risk taker go?
Where did that confident, optimistic woman head off to?
Why do I care so ******* much what others think?
Why do I constantly feel the need to cede control in order to please those around me?
Is this adulthood or simply the cusp of it?
I can’t handle this ****
Or maybe it’s that I don’t want to anymore
It’s time for something new
My bravery to morph into the next phase
I deserve to be consistently happy
Everyone deserves happiness
I will accept and embrace my loneliness
For I know staying present can bring happiness
It is coming
It is here
It is now
Elizabeth Petersen
Written by
Elizabeth Petersen
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