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Jul 2013
They say "if you love something, you must set it free" well I honestly disagree.
There is so much I will never know, your love being one of them,
and this is something which troubles me (as one who strives to gain as much knowledge as he can).
But the difference between what you learn, and what you hold onto is so vast and disconcerting that it keeps me up at night. I want to know everything, yet most of all, I wish to hold onto you.
I know I will one day grow from your memory but I want to hold you in mine forever.
I want to hold you in the arms of my heart forever. You know you're forever mine, and baby I'm forever yours.
The knowledge I gain may try and push you from what memory I have, but I will fight to keep you in every thought. And that is a fight I know I can win.
The conversations we had, have, will follow me into the night. They will forever prey on the fibers of my mind and I will forever want to be preyed upon.
You can take everything I have, I don't mind, I will lay it down in front of you with love and knowledge that one day you will return the favor (even if that is not apparent to you now).
As a friend who knows a friend I am not a selfish fool who wishes to hold onto the riches he has, I want you to share in my riches. I want you to gain what I gain, because I know you believe what I believe. I know you wish what I wish.
And although this may come as a shock, my love, I have unimaginable joy for the life ahead of you.
I know you will do great things, even if you do not know this for yourself.

I know, according to the knowledge I have, I should let you leave and let you go, but I disagree.
I will fight.
I will fight the good fight to keep you in my life and keep your soul attached to mine.
For your grace brings me more knowledge than  all the books in the world. Your being brings me more warmth than the knowing of what is. Because your LOVE is all that "is" to me.
I wish to know and to hold you. Every inch of you.

And until you honestly leave I will continue to fight, to know and hold, you, the one who has helped me to know and hold onto myself. When in a time I have believed to truly lost myself, what I believe in, what I stand for (all of my soul).

You were there.

So I will continue to know and to hold you close to my heart, every fiber of my being, every inch of myself, until you move away. Far away. You're more than enough for me to be happy. I would give up every bit of my IQ, the quotient of my mind, to be ******* in the light of your smile and the shine of your soul. I would never learn another equation, another existence, another word, if it was you who accepted the task of replacing them. I would never know anything if I could truly know you, and you know this.

You are the one thing I long to know and to hold.
James Tyler
Written by
James Tyler  Memphis
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