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Jul 2013
I thought this new place would be strange, stopping in for the night - sleeping in a bed countless individuals have lain, had ***, cried (even maybe about the ***) - then packing and leaving in the sunrise of a new day.
So I walked to a bar next door to eat and drink some whiskey
       Whiskey isn't good on rough thoughts by the way...
When what does my eye see? A stranger, sitting directly across the bar, feeling the exact same as me. I would never be able to explain how I knew, it was simply a feeling I guess.
So I approached with caution, my version of suave, and said "hey miss can I buy you another?"
She replied with a "no" she was already with someone and I said I didn't mind I wasn't looking for a *****-call or anything of the sort, just some people to laugh with, I'm simply passing through town and simply passing the time.
She said "okay, come on, sit down".
We got to talking, and lo-and-behold, laughing. Minutes turned into an hour and no one else had approached her, I had completely forgotten she was waiting for another. And I believe so did she.
I finished my food and paid for her drink, a cosmopolitan, and I polished off a few more whiskeys, straight up no rocks.
Good whiskey should never be watered down, and I always shoot scotch.
As the night grew and grew she became flirtatious and asked if she could come back to my room for a night cap or a few. To which I replied, "wait, weren't you waiting for someone, like, **** it's been three hours ago, what happened who was it?"
She said it was her brother then pointed to a man across the bar with his friends who waved and I waved in reply.
She said to me, "come on he doesn't mind".
I thought it was strange, even for me, so I said, "I'm sorry miss I told you I wasn't looking for a *****-call, just someone to laugh with."
She understood then downed her cosmo, gesturing to buy her another; and I did. And another. And another for me.
Finally, against my own will, I had to leave (I really was tired after driving all day and knew I had to wake early and do it all over again).
We bid each other a-do and I left, no names just a memory we could both enjoy.
I walked back to my room and crashed into bed, then wanted a cigarette so I packed a fresh pack and went out back to burn a few down.
When what do I see? The same beautiful stranger, I believed searching for me, burning a few down herself. I said "hey?" in surprise, to which she responded with an elegant hi.
I asked if she had come to see me, she replied, "no, I'm just in a New city for the Night, staying at this hotel, visiting my brother while on my way back to college, I'm 202."
I was 203.
I thought it was simply too good to be true so I let her know.
Then she came to my room and we watched some TV, now as she in her room, and I next door, my mind can't help but wonder...
Should I go knock? On her door? Or on the wall in between?
Should I let her know that it's fate? Does she too, know?
I wonder...
What's her name? What's her sign? Where's she from? Where does she go to school?
I wonder all these things, but I'm satisfied because we lived in the present and proved we were, both, still alive - in a new city, just for the night.
So instead of asking her these things, or tapping on her door, I'm writing it down so I know I won't forget her. And if I ever need to remember a time I looked for something other than what was easily available, and over came all temptation, and shared a beautiful experience with another person who I know feels the same; I can come back here and remember all over again.
James Tyler
Written by
James Tyler  Memphis
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