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Jul 2013
I wish I could behave more so as trees do;
or for that matter, as a tree does.

Be seen for my youth, before growing larger than life;
shading the proud while protecting the ones who cannot protect themselves from the elements.
See my leaves in all their beauty as they blow in the wind
See them change colors while everyone around admired their beauty
See them fall, and rejoice in how i remain without cover;
then when assumed dead, see them reborn again.

Repeating this process, I would, while remaining effortlessly still.
It would look as though I was doing nothing,
yet I would be providing everything.

Maybe I would bare fruit, or maybe I wouldn't.
To me it would never matter. Giving back would be enough.

And one day, when someone greedier than I
would take from me the things I love
they would count my rings and see the illustrious, long, life i had lived.

My remains would be turned into millions of sheets of paper,
and people would write beautiful poetry on me
expressing the inner workings of their souls.
James Tyler
Written by
James Tyler  Memphis
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