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Dec 2020

ashamed of what it was
going to do
my shadow merged into the dark

the sudden light
my shadow
jumping out of my shoes

my shadow leaving
me to my fate
a traitor to the self it served

'CLICK!" said the switch
'LIGHT!" said the light
"Aghhh!!!" I said

I was surprised to be
still me
the bullet journeying through my flesh

I could hear it
into the wainscot behind me

my shadow lay
unconscious on the floor
"Come 'ere!" I swore at it

"We gotta get outa 'ere!"
my shadow pulled our self
up off the floor

my shadow
my feet

it takes a bullet
passing through ya
to make

I had never felt
more alive in all my natural
I wanted it to stay that way was
corny as it may seem
the Butler done it

"drIPdrIPdrIP!" the blood screamed
I snapped at it

well well well
Jane Butler was back in town
that would explain a lot of things

"Jane Butler!"
"Jane Butler...Jane Butler!"

" ya know!"

a pack of shadows
feeding on
the sole surviving scrap of light


the headlights hurry ahead
as if making up the road
for the fleeing car

the body in the back
shifted from side to side
let out a groan at each turn

"Ah come on!" she smiled
"...only a flesh wound...lost a lot of blood"
"Ughhh...agggh" said the body

"Look brother...if I wanted you
I would have killed you!"

the world rushed by
everything moving
quickly into the past

"I wanted you alive
so that you could really know
I was going to ****** you!"

her voice was calm
her crimson pout
barely holding back the bitterness

"Jail was no laugh!"
she laughed
her voice like broken glass

"So, you thought you'd leave
the little lady in the lurch
...did you!"

consciousness kept
dipping in and out of my reality
she dipped her lights

the car sped on
throwing the road
over its shoulder

a cop car
approached us
disappeared into the night

somewhere her voice
was talking
her words were like ghosts

"Oh I want you babeeee
to die nice and slow
. . .& know!"

"I call it due process
I want you to see your life
slipping slowly away from you!"

trees lurched after the car
trying to grasp...gasp
I was going to die

the car screeched
to a halt
she looks in mirror...applies makeup

somehow she managed
to get me into the driver's seat
"Boy..." she laughed ". . .your a dead weight!"

"Here babeee...have a last drink!"
she poured the whole bottle
all over me

I stupidly thought
"That's my favourite ***!"

she let off the handbrake
the car almost tip toed
to the edge of the precipice

the car tottered a bit
unsure of whether
it should take the plunge

finally the car
made up its mind
went for it

"Enjoy your drive hell!" she smirked
lighting another cigarette

"Bye bye bΓ’tard!"
she smiled
using the French

the car tumbling like a toy
then the explosion
lightning up the horizon

she redid her lipstick
"*******!" she cursed
"I got a ladder in my new tights!"
Yeah...the ghosts of his past have come back to haunt ghost is Jane Butler and she's very real and very mad and wants to make a ghost of him....who is Jane Butler and what is she to him and him to her...guess we'll never find out unless the words hijack my mind once more and hold my sleep to ransom.

Too much Matheson before bedtime.
Donall Dempsey
Written by
Donall Dempsey  Guildford
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