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Jul 2013
Beggars always seem to work the holidays
And I guess the wintertime just has a way
Of piling on the pity for shoes that don't block the cold
And the feeling that the change you give will turn your heart to gold

Well, she lost the apple in her eye tonight
To a worm that was only hungry, not digging out of spite
Sometimes god doesn't give a ****, and looks the other way
To make sure the football players kneel down and point and pray

But we keep on asking anyway

These old sad songs I sing
Seem a lot more honest these days
It never sat good with me to try and fake them
And I'm down to one guitar
And one shot left to raise
And another night down, and another line to write in

I've been wandering now for years and didn't know it
You zig and you zag and you lose track every moment
Soon a year becomes five and you look around and see you've lost a friend
But you see yourself more clearly in the end

And you realize there's no way to pretend

These old sad songs I sing
Ring a lot more true these days
And even if I tried I don't think I could fake them
And I'm down to one guitar
And one silly turn of phrase
To try and sum up the memories that are fading

These old sad songs I sing
Know me more than anyone else these days
And if I only knew, I'd have never started to fake them
But I had this old guitar
And my fingers had a way
Of moaning out the notes my heart would soon be making
Brandon Humphreys
Written by
Brandon Humphreys  Spokane, WA
(Spokane, WA)   
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