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Nov 2020
'You, Me, and Us'
Hello, I am you, you are me, we are "us" and also past and present.
Never insisted to know who I "am" and who you "were". But now I see it much candescent.

    Gone are the years of  last fateful life
      filled with black voids and blood of knife.
      Depression marks his evil tone upon
      our own. Leaving us rusting in the years,
      tainted orange tears.
      We, the one soul, yet each our own,
      I  have shown now what asked  be known.
      You are welcome. Finally! But what you
      could of grabbed from the far reaches of
        your every sick or healthy choice.
To the grit!  shall we go now?

Life is a mud bowl drowning earth, worms writhing dirt. Slips on wet as a stream of silt. Then sits and
dries until we wilt.

Look within. Brought are the maggots of the boil... the boil
of the ugly dried up truth of coating stiffness.
Seeing night and living in light and darkness. do not
question "why"? A purpose far fallen into the pit of
"living".... is also dying.

Darkness must charge against the light and teeth must chatter fright to know the day from night.
Fringing on the edge of the cliff which sits still,
canyon waiting for something to swallow.

Let the shocking fall into the numbness call.

SHOCK! let it flee throughout the brain and demise
the swollen gel inside the rotting head.
Dream a night terror of any kind in every
corner of the mind.
don't rhyme, if you choose to flitter the words
in some chasm of dungeon's time.
Do, if you wish, and swim with the bitten
fish which wallow through red water wounds.

"I am you, you are me, we are 'US' "!
Welcome to the reveal of my latest meal.
© an hour ago, Debra Ann Van Ness
Someone writes through me at times. Or perhaps I AM REALLY crazy!
Written by
Debra Van Ness  56/F/Oklahoma U.S.A.
(56/F/Oklahoma U.S.A.)   
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