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Sep 2020
He trudges through an endless, desolate plane.
He opens his mouth and all that comes out is some inhuman noise that makes him sick to his stomach.

He goes back to smiling as he walks.

His bones are shattering with every step.
His ribs bend on themselves and scream as he goes, and his spine constantly cracks as knees threaten to give.

He smiles a little wider.

His skin begins to peel and melt away
Bones showing through patches,
his hair falls out and he falls

he keeps crawling towards this end that he cannot even see,
and everything burns hot and white on top of an ache deep within that not even he can pinpoint.

The noises that come from him are far from human,
but then again so is he,
as he crawls, a pile of bone and rotten flesh.

He just keeps crawling through this endless grey,
with his throat screaming for water, his stomach for food, and his heart for release.

And as he continues to crawl

he smiles, just a little wider.
Written by
Jackal  16/Non-binary
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