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Jun 2013
The darkening lights
Just keep flickering my mood
Leaves me curious
Wondering if those Millie seconds of darkness
Could bring me what I have lost in those long days of light
And what if those days of tranquility where bad for my health
And healthy as I be; I lay down today with nothing on my mind
But all the answers I cannot find
And on my way to perform my daily errands
I realized that you have become one of them
Like them pills my grandmother pops every two minutes
Or else she'll suffer from back pain, headaches, seizures and heart crashes
My medication is necessary…

My medication lies between your wondrous eyes
The dazzling looks of a challenger
A challenger to the world
And if not the world in your heart stays and survives
Then the universe in your eyes sure looks up to me
The dormant universe
The dormant world and when did we become this arrogant?
And when did we become this inconsiderate of each other
The fear just keeps on evolving in our minds and hearts
Till were ripped apart
The part I'm talking about
Is not the part I want to refer to
It's like I'm preparing
My life for sharing stocks
And stock markets just keep coming through
Hello, my name is Majd
And I came to the world from the world
And I can't fix either..the source or the being
My being is when I exist through papers
And papers exist on her tongue
Bumping into lips of eccentricity
I'll show you nothing of my flaws that’s my biggest one ever
I'll show you nothing of my flaws not because I'm in love with you
But because I'm mad
I'm different types of mad
I'm mad when my mother wakes me up 30 minutes earlier
I'm mad when my school is not my school yet it becomes a thing I go to every morning
I'm mad when my friends are not my friends
But they become a part of me
And you are a part of me
And this is the type of mad I am about you
I'm mad because I can't be whatever you want me to be whenever you want it
I'm mad because I can't be your entertainment, your consolation, your girlfriend, and your brother all at once
Though I try
Though I try

I came across a golden gem today
The ones you leave behind in my mind
But this time it was different
This time it wrote:
If you found a crystal keep it"
Care for it and seek its guidance
Do not turn it into a ring or jewelry
And don’t let your little urge of turning it into something it's not get over you"
So I did
I'm not in love with you
I'm just mad
I'm just mad that I cant be whatever you want me to be whenever you want it
But I try though
But I try…
Written by
MAJD S  Lebanon
   the isolate slow faults and Diane
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