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Jun 2010
Stand up on top of your castle
Watch all the pretty lights dance
Come down to join in the party
Trip out and dance

Lucy makes everyone happy
But confused
The outside world is  fun one
But inside
There's a whole nother fun you can use

Psychedelics will open your mind
To the world outside
and the one within
Which are both seperate
         and the same

You can't just be focused on the outside,
The pretty things,
The fame

Inside it is beautiful,
Quiet and secluded
With too much outside
Your brain can get deluded

X and acid, TCB
**** and *****
All the drugs you use
Can be abused

That bass can make you lose your mind
Go blind
With all the bright lights
Until your mind's not the only thing you can't find

Sit inside Zack's truck
And take some down time
Get your mind unstuck

This place is beautiful
These people are trippin
But if I see one more hot ***
I'm gonna lose my loose grip
****** is not sexuality
Peace, Love, Unity, Respect
Help you out when you need it
What's given out is given back

is a beautiful
Pink Kator
Written by
Pink Kator  28/F
     mark cleavenger and ---
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