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Jul 2020
I love love though it's hard to put that into loving myself
I love the Netflix movies that everyone hates, Irish Breakfast tea, how potato chips taste so good
I love the shade of blue called Prussian and singing in the shower and Paul Rudd
I love "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" and how ******* amazing everyone about it is: the plot, the cinematography, the music
I want to write about love because I come from a generation where if I identity as aroace, that means I am a robot who can't feel anything
I love sunsets and how hard it is not to fall in love with sunsets
Other people should love too
Fall in love with Mother Nature and her child the Earth instead
Fall in love with the water that feels cool no matter what season
Fall in love with the air that helps us all breathe and doesn't get mad if it gets left on read
Fall in love with the moon because it will always be there every night to say "hello" and won't leave you on read
Fall in love with the people learning how to love themselves and remind them that you'll be there to tell them each reason why your dimples appear when you think of them
How do you not love, I often wonder
I love that my friends know they can lean on my shoulder and just cry and I will be there to give them ice cream, hot tea, and pats on the back
I love that my therapist knows just what I need in a bad mood or in one of our more sad conversations
I love that the friends I made in college understands what it means to be afraid of me in your life and how hard it is to let someone touch you
I love how awesome it is when you finally figure out what you do
I love that my therapist agree that dysphoria is a scientific word, not a gender identity
Written by
Hollis  21/Trans Male/USA
(21/Trans Male/USA)   
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