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Jun 2020
Early smoke rises from the ashtray
An aromatic ballet with coffee
On a backdrop of crisp winter sunlight
While yesterday comes heavy on the wind
And throbs in a cloudy head
But tonight twinkles in a **** hole eye
Looking back while time flies idly by
And unable to forget the inspirations
Like women and scabies
And ***** and hemorrhoids
And various beds where i'd lay
My head and rock myself to sleep
There were wake and bakes
And one night dates with pupils
That dialate from the drugs we'd take
There were late evening shadows
And dawn's early lights
Legs that wrapped
Around so rightly
Wound up upside down
From the ground up
Who were we
Were we who we were
We were who we should have been
I almost thought i knew you
You who knew me
Through and through
And from the other side
Of the bed on the opposite end
Written by
Damien Poirier
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