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May 30
What do you do when you are all into yourself?
On your own, locked down, but not jailed
It’s an overall excitement of the containment in the beginning
The anxiety in finding that your routines do happen
That other’s routines also happen despite you getting locked down

Days go by and you start philosophy life
The pace and speed were unnecessary
Urge to be responsive to everything around
Even if some of it like the broken chair or the long-forgotten friend from school
do not seek your attention anymore

Weeks went by and you get this fire to rebel
Unshaven face stated the mark of a long beard
Locks started growing unruly defying combs
Stopped moving from “home me” to the “office me” for umpteen meetings over screens

Then came the revelation
The futility of fear of the unknown
And the pressure to be seen and performing
Sober and release said the inner voice
I took out the razor and shaved off the hair to begin with...
Kalesh Kurup
Written by
Kalesh Kurup  Kabul
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