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May 2020
My train of thoughts take me down the memory rail...
Excitedly seated in the coach of nostalgia, looking through the memory window misted with teardrops...some happy some sad..
I salvage the miles and miles covered with laughter and sorrow.

At some stations of the past , the train halts for a bit long, as the heart lingers in the innocence of childhood..reminiscing the aroma of countryside..

The tunnels of teenage are often revisited, that carefree attitude,  just like a mountain so shrewd..

My train of thoughts take me down the memory rail..
Memory strikes such a scenic maze ..
Adolescences felt like a bird freed out of the cage.. flying high with a confident rage..

A lot of baggage collected on the way , travel light !! Is the only right way..
Enduring adulthood otherwise cannot be slayed ..

Jostled by reality, the train comes to a halt.
The mindful chatter again starts , as i come out of my dreamy frame....

No matter how many times i board this memory train...
it brings be back to the prudent stage.. where new memories are waiting to be made.
Written by
Ketaki  32/F/India
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