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May 22

oh William someone's
let the chickens out again
now it's begun to rain

so much depended upon
you not falling asleep
in front of the telly

beer in one hand
bowl of plums in the other
should have listened to mother

and you've gone and
painted the wheelbarrow
purple ****  you

and I've had enough of you
dancing  grotesquely
in the north room

happy genius of my household
ha...only good for
crockery throwing practice
Three of the famous WCW poems getting mangled in the machinery of my mind and coming out different in an alternate reality.

When my little one was a little one she had a toy wheelbarrow and she would dutifully put leaves into it and take her work very seriously. I would paint her wheelbarrow a different colour for about a week...sometimes just adding orange spots to a purple wheel barrow or a total change of colour or half and half. I told her the wheelbarrow couldn't make up its mind what colour to be until it finally settled on red...its original colour. it's good to know what colour wheelbarrow one is.
Donall Dempsey
Written by
Donall Dempsey  Guildford
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