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Jun 2013
Today I caught myself

Thinking about you again

And I tried to tell myself I didn't actually like you

It was a long, bitter argument
Of pros and cons
And it ended with:
The only reason I like you
Is because of that
Twinkle in your eye

But then I started to wonder
If that twinkle in your eye
really exists
Do I like you because
you have that twinkle in your eye?
Or do you have that twinkle in your eye
because I like you?

The more I pondered this
The more puzzled I became

So I went through all the pros again
The things I noticed before the twinkle

That ornery half smile
The way I always catch you singing along with the radio
when you think nobody's listening
The pitiful face you have when you're stressed
The butterflies in my stomach when I see you walking my way
Those goofy socks
Your adorable struggles with the coffee machine
Your smiling blue eyes
How I felt an instant connection with you

How could the cons even compare?

But the single item opposed
overpowers this seesaw

the girlfriend.

and every time I accept this realization
you shoot me with that twinkle again
not much of a poem, just my thoughts on my ride home from work
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