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Jun 2010
The truth pulled over my eyes
Spewing from your mouth
She told me nothing but lies
And I did nothing but believe them
I lay on my back
Her head on my chest
Looking up at the ceiling
I thought my heart ache was your doing
But I never saw reality
All I saw were her lying truths
Lying in my bed
While she kisses my forehead
I lay motionless and dead
My love starving with no water, no bread
I need to fill this empty hole
The hole that you stole
The part of me you took away
When you turned your back the dredful day
You walked to him and I heard you say
I love you to him and not to me
And just like me
He is blind, he does not see
The same thing I failed to realize
Until it was too late
Just like me he took your bait
Walking straight into heart break
He doesn't heed my warning
Because his heart you're warming
Like a snow covered horizen
Being touched by soft rays of morning
Lying in my bed
While she kisses my forehead
And says she loves me
I heisitate to answer, I'm thinking
Half of you and half of nothing
And my blank stare tells her everything
Anthony J. Alexander 2005
Anthony Jarell Alexander
Written by
Anthony Jarell Alexander  30/M
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