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Jun 2010
I never meant to hurt you
Just to make you mad
But it’s not so much fun
Now that’s its all bad
I do this day to day
Lowering you self esteem
With every word I say
The holes you can not seam
And the pain is here to stay
Our love I must redeem
I like to see your anger
Until it puts our love in danger
It makes me feel a mix of things
That’s why it feels so stranger
Our relationships a fragile vase
That used to sit in just one place
But I liked the way my heart did race
When I placed
That vase
Upon the ledge
But I fear I set it too close this time
It fell off the edge
The vase is broken now
And lays upon the floor
In shock I peer down
This girl I did adore
All is silent
It destroyed my world
When it hit the ground
Because I fell in love with a girl
This I just now found
Now I’m the sorry one
I didn’t have one ounce of fun
I can’t go back on what I’ve done
I wish I would have kept that vase
Sitting in that one safe place
Because I miss the grace
Of your kiss upon my face
Your love I’m keeping
But I can only have it
While I’m sleeping
The mist is dead silent
Except the echoes of my weeping
Anthony J. Alexander 2006
Anthony Jarell Alexander
Written by
Anthony Jarell Alexander  30/M
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