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Jun 2010
The things I have been through
Make me question why
Why can't I die?
Why can't I just grow wings and fly
Float away to the sky
Leave earth with relieved goodbye
But no I have to stay
And watch the threads of my life fray
Until the long awaited day
Where I hear you say
See you later one last time
When my pen hits the paper
For one last rhyme
And then I lift that pen
After that one last line
Then I can take that peaceful flight
With the Gates of Heaven in sight
I'm hoping I accepted
After all I might
But I haven't done that much good
And never once did I fight
For something worth while
So now I'm setting everything right
With a soft warm smile
But no one sees me care
They say it's not my style
They say my heart is too bare
And my mind is too wild
I'm not trying to convince everyone
I just want to undo
The damage I have done
On my own life
I'll continue to bet
And through out life
I'll continue to repay that debt
Until its my time
And death I have met
So all thats left for me
Is to lie in wait
Contimplate and calculate
On the arrival of
That so atticipated date
Where for one last time
I can attempt to defy my fate
Anthony J. Alexander 2006
Anthony Jarell Alexander
Written by
Anthony Jarell Alexander  30/M
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