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May 2020
This house contains no laughter, although with children blessed
For the families favourite ‘uncle’ has caused a dark unrest
To the parents he’s a hero, who helps out in a thrice
But what he really has in mind is a most disturbing vice.

As the front door closes, & the children lie awake.
Up creeps their favourite uncle, their innocence to take
One stair & then another, he’s getting ever near.
An acrid smell then fills the room of cigarettes & beer.

‘How are my favourite children’? They now feel his hot breath
As he slips in bed beside them & starts to get undressed.
‘It’s just our little secret’; ‘you promise not to tell?’
Or mum & dad will punish you & lock you in a cell.

The children freeze with fear; they know just what to do.
Their favourite Uncle’s taught them well, they’ll have to see it through.
Maybe it’s the last time; they close their eyes & pray.
That their favourite uncle, will one day go away….
Written by
Anton Snert
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