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Jun 2010
The things I would love to tell you
Can't seem to escape my lips
And it gets so intense
That it never ends
Until I make it make sense
And put it into these pens
Then let the ink leak
It will speak what I need to
'Cause I would give anything to see through
Whats deep in your mind
So I might find which side mine can reside
Truth be told I don't really have the time
Or let alone the patience
To waste away in these places
Of nothing but empty spaces
I'll tighten up my laces
'Cause I feel like if I win these races
It erases one of your two faces
And if that doesn't make this pain tasteless
I have no idea as what the case is
My sleeves have no aces
'Cause the basics are the basis
So let's make this the greatest
Just like you I'm broken in two
Beaten and bruised and feel slightly used
No one else does
Why should we play by the rules
Should we pay up our dues
Until one of us lose
Are you sure you want to choose
You look rather confused
As to who's clues are a ruse
Let me just ask my muse for some news
But if I take her and save her
Sooner or later I'm sure I will hate her
If I'm already the pen
Then you must be the paper
'Cause I get such a rush
When our fingertips touch
Anthony J. Alexander 2010
Anthony Jarell Alexander
Written by
Anthony Jarell Alexander  30/M
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