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May 2013
If I die before i awake
I pray the lord my soul to take
To forgive me for all my mistakes
And bring me up and show me the good,
Keep me warm and shelted and feed me food
Forgive me for some of the choices ive chosen
And that sometimes my thoughts become frozen
My mind become hung up on beinign issues,
And a end up tell her "i miss you"
My guiding light is always there,
To help me with any nightmare,
Lord if i die before i awake,
Id trade my soul to make sure its hers you take.
She is the one with a golden heart,
Shell help with any problem no matter what,
Though she may have had a tough start,
Shes been a caring shoulder and nothing but.
Its her that i look towards to help me out,
To pick me up and tell me what lifes about,
But lately somethings changed and it tares me up,
Shes felt sad and lost and out of place,
Shes had many tears go rollin down her face.
I want to help her like shes helped me,
I want to make it so she can see,
I want her to see the beauty she holds,
The beauty that i see every time my eyes close,
So please help me open her eyes,
Please help me show there is no lie,
It is all truth whenever I'm with her,
Every word i say is said with no pressure,
She may think I'm joking but it is all the same,
I want her to see that I'm not just bein lame.
Shes the glue that holds me together,
No matter what the weather.
Now its my turn to help her,
My turn to be her lighthouse in the storm,
To save her from her saddened form,
My guiding light the roles have changed,
Im now your beacon but everything else is the same,
We will both use each other to stay oh so strong,
And we will get through any type of wrong,
Listen to these words with all seriousness,
Im going to help you there is no atest,
My arms wide up run into them,
No one can hurt us when its us against them.
So lord here these words and grant my wish,
Help me guide her and ill me set.
Written by
Jake McPherson
   Gossamer, ---, --- and ---
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