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Jun 2010
I meant to leave him a note in his chair

"Thanks for dinner. Thanks for the movie. Funny right? Haha. Have a great day."

Things like this I rarely do but,
I had this feeling that a man only comes down the stairs so many times
Feelings aside,

"Sorry about saying ******* and what not. I need to grow up."

I said this after finding myself in a room
At my shore house
Where I am expected to do little more than work the beaches

"It's your house, but let's try to live in it together…for Mom's sake."

You see, I get mad at him only as my fallen hero
The way a sports fan degrades their team
Out of a laden yet powerful desire to see them succeed

"So anyway thanks for everything."

I meant to do it
I didn't have the guts to write the thing
Craig Dotti
Written by
Craig Dotti
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