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Mar 2020
the day I met you I knew I wouldn’t ever forget you. I knew you were something incredible and I knew I wanted you around for a long time. i knew almost immediately i wanted to be with you. even through our struggles and trials and errors.. something told me to hold on, to keep waiting for you.. to prove my patience and desire for you.. today marks 8 months and 22 days since i last saw you.. and i still hold my breath anytime someone says your name around me. because i can feel the warmth behind my eyes from missing you so much.. i’ve tried to move on, go on a few dates here and there.. it’s not the same. they won’t smile like you do, they won’t laugh like you do, they won’t look at me with those big beautiful green eyes like you do. they aren’t you. they can’t be you. i want you, only you and I want all of you, every little thing that comes with you. I don’t want to let you go and I know we have things to work on but let’s work on them together because I know I love you.. and that we can do this, so let’s not let this beautiful love go to waste. you are my love. you are what i picture when i think about my future. and i can’t give up yet.
Kinsey Jordyn
Written by
Kinsey Jordyn  Indiana
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