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May 2013
It's funny
They say that mirrors reflect you
But do they really?

Mirrors don't show how nice you are
Or how caring 
Or trustworthy 
Or how understanding 

They don't reflect your favorite songs
Or movies or books or tv shows

They don't reflect your hopes 
Your dreams
Your aspirations 

They don't reflect the things that make you

Instead,all they show are mere flaws

Mirrors show the 'too-fat' you
Or the 'too-ugly' you
Or the 'not-good-enough' you
Instead of the real you
Which can't be seen

I understand why people don't like their reflections 
It shows what they think are flaws
Instead of who they really are 

So maybe,
If mirrors reflected personalities
Instead of looks,
Fewer people would hate their reflections
This is more of a draft,I guess. I don't know if I should work on it more or just be done,I don't know. It's kind of ironic or hypocritical  on my part,I guess. Written in 5 minutes;probably *****. I'm trying to write more,but I have no ideas :/
r l
Written by
r l  Boston
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