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Feb 2020
She was my girl and all she use to love me it was besides the fact that she was ugly she made me do the things I didn't want to do you would've done the same if only it were you we use to conversate and hold each other's hands she would deter me from me making all my plans their were some times we use to argue out in public she would embarrass me and tell me i was nothing I use to wake up in the morning so confused from being beaten up by alcohol abuse I use to ask her why she would result to violence she said because I am the answer to your problems she took control over my life and my decisions because of her I always found myself in prison she was upset because i tried to get her some help her whole objective was for me to hate myself it was her goal for me to drink my life away and to be drunk so I can make the same mistakes she use to tell me that I couldn't live without her I was addicted to her spending every dollar she made me sick and all from going through withdrawal and then she said that i'll be seeing you tomorrow she knew me in and out as if I were a book she said addiction isn't easy as it looks until one day i slipped I had too much to drink I woke up in the hospital into a shrink my eyes had opened as I'm looking at the doctor he said she left you drunk her name was Georgi *****
Written by
Henry Love  36/M/Jersey City
(36/M/Jersey City)   
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