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Feb 5
Lend me an ear
Or a helping hand
For a destitute queer
Left upon these lands
Roaming with fear
Of an ever striking hand
Man is so frightful
Yet women are deceitful
A modicum of grace
To exit this rat's race
Ascending to the clairvoyant light
All I see the is the darkest of nights
The misty reflection upon the pond
The dark side of the moon that grows fond
I don the most dreary of expressions
Omissions of derision and deceit
A young lass still ******* on her mother's ****
Yet the pain that weighs on her empty heart
Knows no bounds, home is where the heart is
And in her heart misery resides
It lays it laurels of pain to rest in her being
Every where she goes it follows
The beating of a drum, the beating of her heart, and the siren song of misery's embrace
For darkness is fond of company and mist is its greatest ally
Lend me a hand, and I'll greet you with a grim countenance
Lonely Heart
Written by
Lonely Heart
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