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May 2013
When skies flash and dark tides boil,
And the land’s set all aflame,
I’ll close my eyes and face the morrow,
To be a soldier born again.

Through shattered rock and broken stone,
Through vacant, barren squares ,
A curse upon who struggles on,
For on them the burden bares.

With ****** lip and battered bone,
The human treks the sand,
A victim to the past, not present,
Desolation of the land.

Those that find are left behind,
Can thank the stars they are.
But worser things than deathly sleep
Leave a different kind of scar.

If and when the 'end time' comes
For the untimely task to take,
A head held high, a glimpse of sky
Can freedom and hope make.
Brittany S Knight
Written by
Brittany S Knight
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