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May 2013
Words are just an arrangement of 26 letters starting from A to Z
And expressing a feeling is just that, but a meaning much more deep.
The absence of words equals silence and silence can be great,
But sometimes silence is the result of a right being taken away.

OnΒ what started out as a peaceful day despite the war outside,
A bomb landed about two feet away, from this house, a whole family died.
Immediately after the bomb was dropped a swarm of soldiers arrived,
As they searched for any survivors, they heard a loud cry.
A young woman about 18 years old was found lying on the ground
The soldiers took her, left the house and went to a motel out of town.
They ***** her that night and no one knows or will ever know of this crime
For they beat her, slapped her and ***** her again and made sure she would stay quiet.

Freedom of speech, a human right for all, seems like a hard right to break
And when it is broken it can result in an eternity of pain.

This young woman suffered everyday, she was dying inside
All because she had lost the right, to report to someone about the horrendous crime
that ruined her life and haunted her every night.

Words are a very precious gift, made from letters of the alphabet.
And it is true that a loss of words is very well a loss of one's self.
And when you are threatened into silence you can't even cry for help.
Seems like a right that can never be lost for how can someone shut you up.

But what if you've lived your life in constant fear and pain of possibly being ***** again?
You would give up your right in the blink of an eye, you'll stay silent to try to save your life.

What a sad irony, that in staying silent to save her life, she was destroying it bit by bit.
Michelle Nyamekye
Written by
Michelle Nyamekye  Canada
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