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Apr 2013
What kind of ****** up world do we live in?  
Taught to love our neighbors
But not if their gay.
Taught to believe the bible
Expect the parts that apply to you.
Taught to treat everyone as equals Just not if they are black.
Taught to respect others opinions
Just not if they are different from yours.
Taught to be the change in the world
Only if everyone else is doing it.

We as a society are heartless.
Who cares what war we are fighting on the inside,
Just look good on the outside.  
Who cares what happens at home,
Just cover the bruises.
Who cares about the starving families,
Just care about yourself.
Who cares about the sick it's injured,
Just as long as you are alright.

We raise our kids to believe in themselves.
To be anything they dream of.
To love who their hearts love.
To never anything hold them back.
But then we leave them if they aren't "normal."
We disown our own children
If they love the same gender or a different color skin.
We turn the other way if our kids
Don't follow the path we laid out for them.

Can't we see that our society is failing?
It's all about who has the most money.
Or who has the biggest house.
When are we going to see
That one day we will be judged
Not for our houses or money,
But by our hearts.
What will your heart say about you?
Blah I don't know
kari anderson
Written by
kari anderson  alabama
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