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Apr 2013
She Waited for me
On the corners of life
And all the other destinies we have yet to reach
She waited
While taxi cabs of time
With flashy lights
Of forced fake opportunities
With horns of loud disturbance
Like musical madness
Mandatory for all the people
Stopping by
Waving hands of rhetorical questions
With cigarettes of flying ashes
Like the sand boxes that measure time
Upside down
But she refused
She refused because she was waiting for me
Her eyes so sincere
Like poems of honesty
Long lost in humanity
With a laugh of a million stars
Colliding to form a mirage of happiness
Mixed with a sense of existence
Like no other…
She waited for me
But I never came
Her delicate soul
Lingered her impatience a little longer
Her urge to be vivid
Was tamed by the desperate dullness of my presence
Her circumventing vibe of light-like energies
Were hindered and toned down
Just to feed my egoistic
Patriarchal sense of self
Lacking the properties to be a proper man
She waited for me…
As I struggled through
The worldly matters
Breaking glass of shadows
Fighting sin of forbidden years
Destroying fear and respect
With a sense of anger
Clutching knuckles of regret
Proliferating rage
But she was waiting for me
So I fought
I fought for her waiting
She waits for me to fight
And all of a sudden I realize
That I was waiting for her
I was waiting for her all along…
She represented the life I never lived
The decency I never had
The courage I kept within my words
And the light for shadows I lurked behind
And the light for the shadows I now could not seem to find.
Written by
MAJD S  Lebanon
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