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Apr 2013
What do I write now
After everything before and before everything ahead
All the places I'd rather be than bed
All the lives I'd rather have lived instead
Most people don't admit regret
But everyone has some regrets
Looking back
I regret every minute since I've left childhood
I wish I held on a little bit longer
Just a few more years of fear being the monsters in the basement
Just a few more months of saving the world from aliens and zombies on a daily basis from my backyard
Just a few more weeks of  being brave enough to confront someone threatening to stab me, without hesitation
Just a few more days of knocking on doors and running away
Just a few more hours of feeling absolutely badass for staying up all night
Just a few more minutes of being able to have a girlfriend and not talking to her at all, mostly because you're too nervous
One more moment of feeling invincible
Feeling okay
Going to bed with a smile on my face
Instead of a frown under my mask
But time, time catches up
The clock goes on, and at some point
I wook up, to a much smaller world
A depressing world
Where crying everynight became pointless
Where the pencil pressed so heavily on the paper it became pointless
As I tried to write my way back into adolescence
Where the only kid I knew that flied to never ever land was Peter Pan
Not my friend on LSD who never wanted to grow up
Who could blame him
The closest I come to back when friends were forever and crush referred the cute girl in class and not crushing up grass
The closest I come
Is now...
As I open thy boundaries of my mind to limitless displays
With this wordplay, an aresenal of dictionary words, ****, **** n' all
I may not be bliss with all I've seen
But atleast these sentences have no hierarchy
Through these lines
I            am           free
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