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Apr 2013
it's all about ***
it's always about ***
no matter what else is between us
no matter what our hearts are telling us
what always brings me back
in the end
is the ***
we wrap it up in layers
of beautiful poetry
romantic ideals
but the heart is fickle
and fluid
it waxes and wanes and
wanders and wonders
while the body is constant
and so simple
the flesh Wants
nothing more
and so in the end
that is all that matters
that I see you every day
every night
can't escape it
even if I really wanted to
maybe it's the curve
of a hip
suddenly exposed
when your pants slip a little too low
maybe it's the sway
of a heavy breast
beneath your loose top
maybe it's the conspicuous
surreptitious sighting
of a hard ******
or two
pressing through
your too-thin tee-shirt
maybe it's all your cute
hanging up to dry
maybe I glimpse you
getting out of the shower
or catch sight of you
getting changed
or you're sleeping ****
above the covers
in the warm still night
I try to avoid it
I try not to see
but you're all around me
I try not to notice
or let myself care
but I can feel your heat
next to me
in our bed
and I want so badly
to warm myself in you
to bathe in you
to luxuriate in you
lingering everywhere
your every curve pulls at me
your body's gravity
drawing me in
ignoring my will
tying me around your waist
to dangle and sway
against your flesh
all ways
Michael Valentine
Written by
Michael Valentine  Maryland
   --- and Sarina
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