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Apr 2013
How dare this child look at me with such disgust.
His insolence should be punished.
He should be strung up,
Attached to a horse
And driven through the city in shame.

How dare this pubescent squirt be angry.
He has no reason to be.
I am simply doing what I am supposed to do.

How dare this post-Pampers maggot accuse me of not listening.
After all, he is just a child.
And I.
I am the adult here.
Today, work was hard. I work with children on a regular basis, and I always find myself aging. Saying things that I never thought I would need to say ("Because I said so.")

Sometimes, it just makes me feel inadequate, but maybe that's how I'm supposed to feel.
Makana Queja
Written by
Makana Queja  Alaska
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