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Jan 2020
Distance has been a theme throughout my life. I violently say, I hate distance and the things it’s taken from me. I’ve found happiness and love in several places, but distance pulls them away from me. Now I watch as distance starts to strangle me and remind me once more; the power it holds over me. Distance makes me wonder. Did you think think about how my day was? Did you think about my heart? Did you think Once more distance has its hands on, but this time I wish it would let things be.

Now with a heavy heart my days become gray. What do I do at night? What do I do in the morning? What do people do when they can’t think about someone. The sky above me is grey, stripped of its stars.

I have loved butterflies my whole life. My favorite person in the whole told me butterflies proof the magic is real. I feel sick now as I compare heart break to butterflies

Our lives are made of perfect moments, but not this moment. This moment is a blow to the chest. It comes with a burn, I know it’s the butterflies dying inside. Every breath comes with the pain of love leaving. I know the pain will drift with time.  But, as sure as the sun that no longer shines, another blow and another butterfly will die. There is no break from heartbreak.

As i wonder what to do, alone here I ask. How is even when love leaves, it doesn’t leave? Why am I so helplessly brought back to. Now I have to watch, distance take another thing from me.
Written by
Jerimiah  19/M/New York
(19/M/New York)   
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