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May 2013
Everything here is as it should be.
The sun hangs knowingly in the sky
And the true path of our existence and future
Here on this planet is illuminated in our hearts.
Times have changed and we
Have been brought out of the darkness
Together and into the light,
Guided by all the knowledge accumulated
Throughout collective histories of humanity.
Smiles are returning to the faces
Of all the people we see meandering
Down the street without a care in the world.
Inspiration grips our attention at every turn
And it seems that everything once seemingly
So plain and ordinary is now bursting
With a beauty and radiance never before beheld.
A new hope for the world fills our imagination
As we strive together towards
The warm and reassuring light.
The sun is rising in the distance
Over the horizon
Bringing in the new dawn.
Ecstasy and unbridled joy abound.
We are coming together in new and interesting ways.
We are in constant communion.
Our technological achievements
Have set us free.
We march onwards
Towards an everlasting and eternal existence
Together without a backwards glance
At a forgotten past.
A thin mist rises
From the mountains filling our souls
With delight at the coming enlightenment
Whereby we will all be saved.
We await our destiny.
Nothing can possibly go wrong.
The time has come to strive
Together into this new awakening.
It is inevitable.
Our time has come at last.
We have transcended.
We have transcended ourselves.
We have transcended our world.
We have transcended each other.
Hold on.
Written by
phocks  Brisbane, Australia
(Brisbane, Australia)   
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