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May 2010
Eerie, lifeless pools absorb,
No refraction of such light;
That heralds tardy love within,
Keeps it far from sight.
Once mem’ries sweet, metabolized,
To feed the hungry pangs,
Of loneliness and willful loss,
Opposed to rise again.

In slips of time, of photographs,
When hearts were joined and new;
When words were chosen kindly,
Adjustments far and few;
When radiance was so abound,
It burned within our eyes;
Now felled inside this lonesome pool,
In darkness, there it lies.

Yet prayers suspended in the thick,
Of nights that cannot quell,
Such longing of a spirit’s merge,
To comfort every cell.
My choice has come to face me now,
A dispatch fair and true.
Should I free my heart to waiting winds,
Or seek the depths with you?

I dream of eyes, such mirrors set,
That emit reflections—own;
A place where you and I may dwell,
In peace, in love, a home.
Such dreams I must confess are scant,
For these, in nights, I’ve cried;
So I’ll sadly walk from morbid pools,
And choose to be alive.
I was so moved by Neva's 'Dead Inside' that I was possessed to communicate with her in a language we both share.

Fegger, 2010
Written by
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