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Mar 2013
A disappointment I had a few
A setback or two has come around to me
When it comes to love
I am just two left feet in the wrong shoes
Falling stumbling just plain tongue tied
Leaving me……
Chasing pavement
Am I bound seeing thru these rose colored glasses
I persist no insist on wearing
Love being so exulting
Just leaves me exhausted
Falling in love I persist no insist on
Chasing pavement
I want to believe that hurt aint around the corner
But I am gonna believe
For now
Cause I am falling fast and hard I can love with a pure heart
This maybe a fresh start
Even if I get torn apart
I will enjoy this ride
Get all the chills have all the thrills
That your love offers me
Here I go all over again
Chasing pavement
Cut and bruised
From love’s gentle touch
Feeling abused
Sometimes used
I go ……chasing pavement
I have my arms open
To embrace it all
Eyes wide shut
Ready able no matter what
Yelling at the top of lungs
My declaration of devotion
For that rollercoaster ride
Called love
Chasing pavement with abandonment and joy
I am waiting
I have my many doubts
Well maybe just a few
Here I am
My guards down and out
Chasing pavement
In love with………You
jax shaw
Written by
jax shaw  charlotte
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