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Mar 2013
you are a fractal

in a sea of branches
you are the air between

the dust that spirals in the sun streams

the decimal point in the equation

the dividing line between oblivion and infinity

you are a loose end
made of left over dry skin

you are the chemical

you poison my drinking water

you are

the secret ingredient
the last place they'd ever look

you are

the dark matter
the imaginary number I can't wrap my head around

you cure my melancholy

we are


we breathe fire

seen through telescopes
we believe we are alone

we'll believe anything they tell us

they won't love you
they can't see you

you are too much
they'd never understand

you don't give
what you don't receive

you give life
as you breathe through me

I see you when my eyes close
I trace your shape on frosted windows

you spark the fire that hijacks my biology

you draw upon my skin with ***** fingernails

your handwriting is embedded in my DNA

your name echoes still
unfamiliar voices without faces

your secret's safe with me

hidden in massive outer space places
mastermind configuration
takes ages just to give up out of frustration
M Seifert M
Written by
M Seifert M  Midwest
   Iashe and Jo
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