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Nov 2019
Distance that you ask for
Is like a closed door
That you suddenly place
I can no longer see your face

You always had walls surrounding you
I knew there was a divide between our rooms
But before the door was built and closed
Between your walls I felt I could osmose

Now, the door is only closed, not locked
But you have requested that I not
Turn the **** and close the gap
Or ask to cross by knocking and lightly tap

From what I hear,
All other entrances, except mine, are clear
Regular sounds of laughter
But especially then, I am not welcome to enter

When nothing else is to be done,
I stare at the door, reminiscing on times that were fun
The sound of your voice calling from the other side
Telling me you want us to together spend more time

As I remember, I can’t help but stare
At the symbol of the divide now placed there
Middle of the wall, central in my sight
Presence very felt, as if there’s a spotlight

Shining on it, its bright glare
Making me think about it, more than my mind can bear
I’m sat on the floor, back against the wall
The door’s shadow looms over me, standing tall

Sometimes, you leave the door ajar
It doesn’t make you feel any less far
I only hear from or respond to you
When you need me to give or do

I hope you understand I use every fiber
Of my being to grant what you desire
I respect your request
While I am still ready to act upon your behest

I only hope one day you unlock and remove
That symbol of restraint and ultimately disprove
My fear of this arrangement,
Specifically it being permanent

You would cross the divide,
Greeting me with a smile
Asking to catch up with your friend
Telling me you missed me and you’d like to do it again
Written by
Jeremiah  20/M/Philippines
   Bogdan Dragos
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