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Nov 2019
Most of us can feel,
A disturbing pain of
Negative empotive ache
In some form
In our lives.

This can happen to us so much.
Eventually you may be
Annoyed, bored, deppressed
From that disturbing ache.

Than we say:
"Life is painful, boring, bad."
Don't be worried,
Anybody can think these any time.

But it is neccessary to be aware about
Occurance of reasons of our hellish lives.

Than we have so much excuses,blames
Such as system, human nature, devil.
But I am asking to you beyond excuses,
What do you want?

Than a list comes,
Long or short.
But there is a common point in the list.
It is, when they happen;
Your wish is became true.
We name this situation "good".

Also there are,
The negative versions of willing.
Not wanting.
We call their subject "bad".

You may say that;
Good and bad are relative.
But the fact is,
Their objects are relative.

You may realize that good and bad,
Having certain definitions.
Therefore what is good and evil are
Certainly absolute.

According to definitions,
You want good,
You don't want bad.
Very simple.

If you are completely good,
As well as away from all bad,
You get all what you want.
Because, all your will would be
Completely true as compass!

You may think that
We also want pleasure and happiness,
We also don't want pain and distress.
But these are
Emotions positive and negative.

Positive ones include good.
Negative ones include bad.
The same can applies to your thoughts.

Then the question comes,
How is this relating to
Our dishliking to our lives?

When we say bad to something,
It means that you don't want that.
When we say good to something,
It means that, you want that thing.
So when we don't like our lives,
We find it bad.

What we say to something is,
Label showing that thing.
Bad is object of not wanting,
Good is object of wanting,
According to our saying accordingly.

So when we find the life,
Detesting, really bad, so so boring;
We just don't want the life.
That's why people **** themselves,
Because of suffering aspect of the life.
It is really disturbing fact,
So lets ask, how to avoid this.

The way is to become good fully.
I don't mean to be good person only.
It is to be good wholly wholly wholly
In everytime, every action!

It seems impossible though.
Because even we strive to good,
Big flows of energies
From outside and inside
Are pulling us to bad itself
Without any remorse!

That's why you would feel bad
When battery of your phone
Dies right now!

All these shows that,
Being good is not enough to be
Good wholly!

We need to have;
A blow of power,
River of persuasion,
Bomb of manipulation,
Flood of love and love
And more.

An effect making you
Feel like a god in the heavens!
It's not being the god as The Father.
It's feeling like being a god,
In order to create your wellness!

If you know the fact that
You can change what you
Think, wish, do!
Your only need is a little push
To the heaven of good!

I call this push the nectar.
Because it feeds the gods of Olimpus.
It makes their lives super well!

I am Lio, the nectar giver.
Through my waterfall of poems
You will understand better
What I am giving.

In a short time,
You will experience, live
Or even love if you want.

The nectar is my pill to bad in you.
I hope it will make you all well.
But I am really sure about that,
The nectar will be a glitter of good
In one minute of your life.

I hope this glitter to be the
Dawn showing your greatness!
Written by
   BR Dragos
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