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Oct 2019
across her golden, gabled field
i saw you--
my beloved, detested, metallic colossus
--once starry-eyed, once honey-skinned,
we bathed in that shrill of your voice,
how endlessly shimmering
it was.

as if to suggest disturbance to the sky,
your darkened eyes pierce upwards
they pierce the sky
and pierce the clouds
and pierce my own.
they are your sabers--i realize
all too late
--forgive me, my beloved, detested, grotesque,
your screams were strung on telephone poles
while your blood irrigated these wheatfields,
and we relished in that ignore and in that bliss
and in that love.

so, my beloved, detested, unholy
swing the iris's hilt--
how i beg of you
--and tear down the rain.
Written by
arbor  M/the milky way
(M/the milky way)   
     Max Neumann and Bogdan Dragos
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