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Oct 21
I stand, here in the trees
An ode to a song
And to my life as it roars
Satisfied with the direction
I walk on not a ledge but a bridge,
Hands on the ropes to keep steady

I stand, thanking myself and the people whom surround me,
You’re all contributors to this success,
Thank you from the bottom of this patched soul.

Ode to home, my love, and my friends,
I’m steady and on my way,
Compassion turned passion,
I’m so happy and overjoyed,
That your support keeps me grounded.

Check on me from time to time,
Cause I won’t lie I get down,
But I haven’t cut these wrists since I’ve turned 17,
I feel as if I’ve escaped, I’m in Trench, I’m not alone.

I’m alive.
I’m alive
I’m alive
I’m alive
Skyler M
Written by
Skyler M  17/M/Idaho
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