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Oct 2019
I’ve been knocking for like 20 minutes
I’m getting skittish I can’t stop thinking
I’ve been drinking I’ve been stinkin
wasting time with *******

I use to love this one chick well I thought I did
I fall through the cracks and landed on my back
I just really miss it can’t describe the feeling
Now my love resembles a empty skillet no fillin
They’ers nothing left to fill it now I gotta get it
It was all a lesson I’ve been counting all my blessings
I can be me when I’m all alone and nones knows
Who I am what I doo where I’m at how I move
Who are you? How ya do? This is my truth
I gotta keep it solid cause I’m getting nauseous
Getting sick of nonsense worlds a crazy concept
But I hear em voices talking and they keep on calling
I can’t stop i gotta rock it came with empty pockets
I can't open the door, If I open the door the monster will come in... If the monster comes in then I'll be doomed.
Written by
Emma Highlander
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