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Oct 2019
I will wait by the river
In the light of the moon
At the edge of this world
I will wait for you

No i cant wait forever
Someday ill be dead and gone
And i wont be forgiven
For what ive done

I will wait by the river

I will cry out to heaven
As it rains down on me
I will beg for forgiveness
Get down on my knees

If i cant change the weather
Maybe i can change your mind
If we cant be togather
Whats the point of life

I will wait by the river

Baby i didnt mean the things i said
I didnt honestly wish you were dead
Im a fool im just a man
If only i could hold you again

And the stars fill the river
As it flows into the sky
And the mind leaves the body
As it flows higher and higher

If we cant be togather
I will leave this world behind
If i cant touch your body
Can i touch the sky

I will wait by the river
Why Can't I wait forever? Why won't you wait for me? Haven't I done Enough to make you happy?
Written by
Emma Highlander
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