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Mar 2013
Sorry I'm such
a bitter *******,
deflated and broken
down like the last ******
bounce castle
in a carnie circus.

I lost my hope somewhere
on the far side of this place,
I haven't seen it in a moment
perhaps since I've seen Pandora's face,

all the ******* has piled up
and is weighing me down
like the cumulative effect of poppies
over my entire lifespan

done and not done,
chosen but not accepted
as the norm of my
society, as the bane
of my reality.

give me another shot,
he says.
give me another hit.
just one more to soothe the pain
this awful dreary day,
when the sun shines
but it doesn't light your way,
and you'd rather lay
in bed and appeal
to the idea of a present
worth living for somewhere,
in the not-too-distant future.
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