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Mar 2013
CONTRADICTORY - n.anderson
by Natalie Elizabeth (Notes) on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 7:32pm

I'm disposable yet beautiful,

I'm discontent but content,

I'm ***** although cleaner than most.

Constantly I'm waiting for my contradictions to catch up with me.

I'm sick of life yet dying to live,

I cant get up yet I'm flying high,

I'm alive but essential parts of me are dead.

When will my head stop contradicting every feeling every thought?

I'm white but I'm black,

I'm quiet but I'm screaming,

I'm genius but incompetent

There they are again.

I'm happy but sad,

I'm ecstatic but devastated,

I'm constantly grieving but full of life,

Look at them all piling up like skulls in a pile tumbling over themselves.

I laugh but I'm in tears,

I'm lascivious, I am *** but I am distorted and putrid,

I am the essence of light but in the middle I am ink black.

My contradictions i cannot escape.
natalie anderson
Written by
natalie anderson  massachussetts
   Iris Madden, Joshua Garache, --- and Bluelips
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