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Sep 17
A single lonely Sparrow cries.

He will never be back
from infinity .
Apprenticeshipped in the
guild of disaster.
He slipped through the mist
and into the darkness .

The intensity of dreams
the banditry of ideals
The insane factory of
covert conclusions.
Fragments of wisdom .
Music lost in a
time continuum.
It should have been his
time to judge the fury
of the wildflowers in a storm .
Unnerved by silence
I watch from a house
without words .

An innocent, cruelly
struck by fate .
He was a friend
of Dorothy’s
and a friend of mine .
He will never see the rainbow
from the inside out .

A sensitive man
draws ire .
He was where the butterflies
and the Angels come
to be born .

He lived from the inside out .

Comfort in remorse .
Torment in conscience.
Regret in waves of
aching emotions.
I cry for atonement
and a salve
for my soul .

That mysterious light
that came from him .
Also came me and from
everywhere and everything.
But , I just could not see ,
Inside out !
WL Schuett
Written by
WL Schuett  M
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